Abel "Abelardo" Marasigan (Robin Padilla) talks to his uncle - Phillip "Tsong" Marasigan (Pen Medina). Tsong got very mad at Abel because he knew that Abel is spying on Russell (Lauren Novero). Rusell is the right hand of "Senior" who is also known as Don Lucio De la Rocha (Mark Gil). Phillip told Abel not to follow Russell again for him to finally see and know who is Senior. Phillip also told Abel just to wait for the right time that he is going to meet Senior because they must be very careful. Abel then told Phillip that he doesn't trust him anymore because Abel thought that he is a traitor. Abel thought that Phillip is not focused to kill Senior already because of what he is having right now. Reminiscing, Senior is the leader of the group of police officers who are the reason why Abel's father - Jose Marasigan (Nanding Josef) became crazy. Phillip then told Abel that everything he did is for his brother - Jose and not for his own interest. Later on, Abel went to the psychiatric hospital where his father - Jose is admitted. Abel wants to talk to his father - Jose but it is not the right time already because Jose is already asleep. Abel sneaked out at the psychiatric hospital just to see his father - Jose wherein Abel didn't know there is danger coming for him. Agent Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) together with another police officer went secretively to the psychiatric hospital. Marcus believes that he can capture Abel through Jose because Marcus is sure that Abel is going to visit his father - Jose. Marcus the received a call coming from Regina "Reign" Santana (Bea Alonzo) telling him about what he did to her. Reign who is at her art shop noticed a strange man looking after her and she concluded that this man is tasked by Marcus to look after her. Reign then told Marcus that he can always visit her anytime he wants to and just let his man to go home. Marcus then told Reign that he only wants to make sure that she is safe always. Later on, Don Lucio arrived at Reign's art shop checking on Reign's safety. Don Lucio told his daughter - Reign that she must have her own body guard to protect herself from harm specially from Abel. Reign then told her father - Don Lucio that she is alright wherein she can still handle herself without any body guard. Reign also told Don Lucio that somebody is already looking after her who is an agent from STING tasked by Marcus. Going back with Marcus and Abel who are at the same place, will they ever saw each other in the psychiatric hospital seeing Jose? Will Jose ever help Abel so that Marcus will not be successful in capturing him?
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