Dolor Marasigan (Liza Lorena) is very worried why Lucio "Senior" De La Rocha (Mark Gil) is at the Santana's house. Dolor then asked Patricia "Pat" Marasigan (Isabel Ricas) why Lucio is there at the party. With no hesitations, Pat told Dolor that Lucio is Regina "Reign" Santana's father. Dolor looked very shock and Pat asked her if she think it's possible for her to have a daughter with Lucio. Dolor just thanked Pat for inviting her to the party and went home because she can't bear seeing Lucio there at the Santana's house. Later on, Lucio received a call from his men that he is needed because there is something important. Lucio then told Pat that he is leaving the party early because he has some important things to do. Lucio's other daughter - Jonnie De La Rocha (Empress Schuck) knew that her father will be leaving already and asked if she can ride back home with him. Lucio told Jonnie not to leave the party yet since she can have fun with the Santana family first. Pat then convinced Jonnie not to leave early since Prince Santana's (Maliksi Morales) party is not over yet. Jonnie went back inside and had a little time with her sister - Reign alone. Jonnie watched an album of the Santana family where she appreciated their family's relationship. With their little time talking, Reign believed that her father - Lucio also loves her. Few hours after, the party is over and everybody went home. Reign together with her friend - Dianna "Dindin" Ventura (Ina Feleo) are both cleaning the house after the party. Dindin noticed that Reign is very uneasy waiting for her boyfriend - Abelardo "Abel" Marasigan (Robin Padilla). Reign didn't know that Abel is not going to see her for a long time after Abel accepted the work to capture Senior who is Lucio. How will Reign accept what Abel is going to do with her?
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