Abelardo "Abel" Marsigan (Robin Padilla) called his mother - Dolor Marasigan (Liza Lorena). Dolor is very happy that Abel called her because it was too long since she have talked to Abel. While Abel and Dolor are talking, Regina "Reign" Santana (Bea Alonzo) saw Dolor who is talking to someone in her cellular phone. Abel told his mother - Dolor to tell Reign all the time that he loves her so much. Abel wants Reign not to forget how he loves her and he is having plans towards their future. When Dolor saw Reign and heard that Reign was asking if she is talking to Abel, Dolor and Abel cut off their conversation. Reign then asked Dolor if she was talking to Abel and if Abel has something to say about her. Dolor then told Reign that Abel is not mentioning her and he just cut off their conversation. Meanwhile, Abel remembered what Aretha Aguilar (Pinky Amador) have told him in which he must not let anyone of his family or love ones to get involve. With this, Abel then hurriedly throw the sim card he used when he called his mother - Dolor. When Reign tried to contact Abel with the number he used, Abel is out of reach. Reign then wondered why Abel can't be reached through the number he just used all of a sudden. Reign then went to see Abel's brother - Jonathan "Onat" Marasigan (Ejay Falcon) and ask if he ever knew where Abel is. Onat then told Reign that his brother - Abel didn't mention anything about his work and to where he is going to work. Reign then concluded that maybe her boyfriend - Abel is just busy with his work and has a little time to get in touch with her. Going back with Abel, he is fixing a car and suddenly Bartolome (Lito Pimentel) called his attention. Bartolome asked Abel why he is good in fixing cars and Abel reasoned out that he got it from his father. Will Bartolome finally speculate on Abel?
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