Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) is hospitalized because of his injuries after being beaten by Abelardo "Abel" Marasigan (Robin Padilla). Marcus' mother - Aretha Aguilar (Pinky Amador) then went to see Regina "Reign" Santana (Bea Alonzo). Aretha asked Reign to talk to her son - Marcus because he wants Marcus to realize all the bad things that he have done. Aretha also wants Marcus to stop bothering Reign since Reign doesn't love him. Reign agreed to see and talk to Marcus but she is bringing Abel with her. Reign and Abel then went to the hospital where Reign told Marcus to stop all the things that he is doing just to get Reign's love. Reign told Marcus that she is loving someone already and that is Abel. Reign also told Marcus to stop bothering her and Abel since he can not do anything to break them apart. Marcus holds the hand of Reign and Abel then said that it is time for him and Reign to leave. When Reign and Abel already left, Marcus got mad at his mother - Aretha for letting Reign see him in the hospital. Marcus told his mother - Aretha that he was put to shame when Reign and Abel came to talk to him about what he did. Aretha then told Marcus that she only wants him to realize that Reign is not for him so that he is going to stop bothering them. Meanwhile, Patricia "Pat" Santana (Isabel Rivas) and Don Lucio "Senior" De la Rocha (Mark Gil) are having a dinner date in a fine dinning restaurant. Pat and Lucio are having great time together since they have a relationship back then. When Pat went to the comfort room, Dianna Alvaro (Gladys Reyes) was there and insult her. Dianna told Pat that she is not worthy to eat at that fine dinning restaurant since she can't afford to pay for the foods there.. Pat then insulted Dianna back and told her a lot of things so that Dianna is not going to bother her anymore.
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