Ms. Diana Alvaro (Gladys Reyes) went to the Santana's house again making them leave the house because she owns the property already. Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo) stopped Dianna and her men from forcing them to leave and suddenly Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) arrived. Reign's mother - Patria Santana (Isabel Rivas) then told Dianna to leave them alone because they still on the house they are currently living. Marcus tried stopping all of them but Dianna won't listen to him and so Marcus grabbed Dianna putting her in his car. At Marcus' car, he told Dianna to leave the Santana alone and call her men to leave the Santana's house urgently. Dianna kept talking about how she owns the property already and Marcus opened the door trying to push Dianna even the car is moving. Dianna told Marcus to help her and stop pushing because she will call her men to stop bothering the Santana family. After awhile, Marcus left Dianna in a high way where she can't ride any public vehicle. Minutes passed, Abelardo "Abel" Marasigan (Robin Padilla) saw Dianna who stood at the high way even though the sun is high giving a hot weather. Abel offered his help for Dianna to go to a place where she can ride a public vehicle but Dianna neglected Abel's offer. When Abel removed his helmet, Dianna was surprised seeing that Abel is a hunk and so she flirted with him. Going back with the Santan family who is having a big problem with their house, Reign is going to do her best finding a way to solve their problem. When Reign is on her way to work, her nephew - Prince Santana (Makisig Morales) asked her to where they will be living soon. Reign got so mad with Prince having too much questions and just left without any words. The night after that, Reign arrived home reading a letter coming from her nephew - Prince who is sad about what happened.
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