Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo) together with Abelardo "Abel" Marasigan (Robin Padilla) finally saw Prince Marasigan (Makisig Morales). Prince is just with Abel's friends in the auto shop and Prince is having fun with them. When Prince saw his aunt - Reign, she then hugged her tight and asked sorry because he ran away without permission. Reign then told Prince not to do it again because he made her very worried. Since they already found Prince, Abel tickled Prince and they are both happy to see each other. Reign then told Prince to get ready because they will be going home already and Prince told her aunt - Reign that he wants to finish drinking first. Reign thought that Abel's friends are teaching Prince how to drink liquors but she was wrong. Prince revealed that the liquid he drank is not a liquor but rather a juice and they all laughed. Abel's friend - Macarthur "Mac2x" (Ketchup Eusebio) then told Abel to sing a song for their beautiful guest - Reign. Abel sang a song and suddenly he is letting Reign sing along with him. Reign already called Prince's father - King who is Reign's brother and King is very happy to know that they finally saw Prince safe. Marcus Aguilar (Diether (Ocampo) is there when Reign called King and King told his mother - Patria Santana (Isabel Rivas) that he will be fetching Reign and Princ at the auto shop where Abel is working. Later on, Marcus and King arrived at the auto shop and King then hugged his son - Prince. Marcus did not see Reign around and so he went to look for Reign and saw her with Abel. Reign used Abel's bathroom for her to urinate and then thanked him for being so kind to them specially with her nephew - Prince. The day after that, Marcus asked one of his men to put some drugs in King's things for his business because he wants Reign to ask for his help.
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