Regina "Reign" Santana (Bea Alonzo) went near to Abelardo "Abel" Marasigan (Robin Padilla) and asked sorry. Reign apologized to Abel because she is the reason why Abel and his brother - Jonathan "Onat" Marasigan (Ejay Falcon) are fighting with each other. Abel and Onat have talked again regarding with their misunderstandings in the past. Abel apologized to Onat when he left him and their mother - Dolor Marasigan (Liza Lorena). Reign told Abel not to surrender in asking sorry to Onat because a family's love is the best love on can ever get. After their conversation, Abel and Reign are kissing where Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) saw them. On the other hand, Patricia "Pat" Santana (Isabel Rivas) called her ex - boyfriend - Luciod "Senior" De la Rocha (Mark Gil) asking why he went to their house. Pat also apologized to Lucio knowing that her son - King Santana (Justin Cuyungan) have treated him differently. Lucio told Pat that he understood King and there is nothing to worry about. As for Jonnie De la Rocha (Empress Schuck), she went to see Onat who is inside a nipa hut and insulted him from being a bad brother towards Abel. Onat told Jonnie not to insult him like that because she doesn't know anything about him and his brother - Abel. Because of too many insults Onat have received and to let Jonnie keep quiet, Onat then suddenly kissed Jonnie. Later on, Abel together with Reign and Marcus arrived at the nipa hut and Reign asked Onat what happened to them. Onat then told Reign that he must get something to cover up the leaking roof first and so Onat left. Abel then followed Onat to help him and suddenly Marcus called Abel telling him a lot of things about him.Marcus also asked Abel if Reign is his girlfriend already and Abel didn't deny it.Will Marcus just accept the fact that Abel is Reign's boyfriend now?
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