Regina "Reign" Santana (Bea Alonzo) knew that her mother - Patria "Pat" Santana (Isabel Rivas) is asking the help of Reign's father - Don Lucio "Senior" De la Rocha (Mark Gil). When Patria arrived home, Reign was at their stair way asking her about how many times did she ask for Don Lucio's help. Reign told her mother - Pat that she should think of their family's dignity and did not ask for Don Lucio's help. Pat then told Reign that she can take the pain if all of her wealth will be gone but with the idea of losing a son - King, she will do everything that she can just to save King and let him out of prison. Pat will do everything for the safety and future of her two children - Reign and King. The day after that, Reign went to see her father - Don Lucio in his office telling him that she is going to pay all that he spent towards King. On the other hand, Jonnie De la Rocha (Empress Schuck) went to to see Jonathan "Onat" Marasigan (Ejay Falcon) in his house. Jonnie is trying to check if Onat is already okay after he got so drunk one night because he was broken hearted. Onat's mother - Barangay Captain "Kapitana" Marasigan (Liza Lorena) then came asking Onat why he is not yet gettin ready for work. Jonnie is happy to see Kapitana but Kapitana is not happy seeing her. Jonnie told Kapitana how she admired their barangay where in it is very clean and most of the people there are happy. Kapitana noticed that Jonnie liked Onat but Kapitana doesn't want Jonnie to be one of their family knowing that she is Don Lucio's daughter. As for Abelardo "Abel" Marasigan (Robin Padilla), he and Reign is having a good relationship with each other. Abel and Reign texted most of the time where Reign's mother - Patria noticed that Reign is very happy reading all the messages that she read in her cellular phone coming from Abel.
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