Abelardo "Abel" Marasigan (Robin Padilla) went to kill another man - Ramirez who ruined the life of his father. After Abel killed Ramirez, he went to see "Tsong" giving him the information that he was successful in killing Ramirez. Tsong then gave Abel a big amount of money as a prize of killing Ramirez. Abel then told Tsong that Ramirez is not related to his work and he don't need a big amount of money as a prize. Abel just accepted the money and went to the church for him to donate it. Abel didn't want to personally donate the money and so she asked a vendor - Manang Ester to give the money to the priest - Father Fabian. With the big amount of money, Manang Ester told Abel that it will be better if he is going to donate the money personally so that Father Fabian is going to meet him also. Abel disagreed to what Manang Ester told him but suddenly, Father Fabian came out of the church and Abel personally gave the money. When Abel is on his way home, Prince (Makisig Morales) called him and told that his father - King was in trouble. On the other hand, Patria "Pat" Santana (Isabel Rivas) went to see Lucio De la Rocha (Mark Gil). Patria asked Lucio to help her. Patria needs the help of Lucio regarding with what happened to King who was accused of selling illegal drugs. Lucio told Pat not to talk about this in his house because his daughter - Jonnie De la Rocha (Empress Schuck) is there inside their house. Lucio doesn't want Jonnie to know what Pat needs from him. Going back with Abel, he hurriedly went to the Santana's house and saw Prince sleeping on their stair way. Abel awakened Prince and told him to go back sleeping in his bed.Abel also fell asleep and suddenly Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo) arrived seeing Abel who is beside Prince.With this,how will Reign thank Abel for being there for her nephew - Prince?
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