Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo) is still in the woods being kidnapped by Abel Marasigan (Robin Padilla). Reign thought that she is just going to sing while she is hand cuffed with a rope because there is no chance that she can escape. When Reign got so tired of making a lot of noise, she fell asleep and Abel helped her sleeping comfortably. When Reign was awaken, she was shocked on why she is lying down to the chest of the man who took her - Abel. Reign shouted and is very mad at Abel because she thought that Abel is taking advantage on her. While Reign is blaming Abel, she suddenly farted and Abel just laughed about it. Being so ashamed to what just happened, Reign asked Abel if he is the one who farted. Abel then tells Reign to get ready because he is going to help her in going somewhere so that Reing can defecate. Abel tied up Reign's hands outside the "Kubo" (nippa hut) and went back inside putting some bomb in the door. Abel then brought Reign somewhere in the woods for Reign to defecate but Reign disagreed to Abel's idea. Reign did not want to defecate in the woods because she is not comfortable with it specially she is a girl. Abel then tells Reign that there are no other place for her defecate and Reign then asked Abel to dig a land there for her to start defecating. Reign also asked Abel to move away from her so that he can not see Reign defecating and Abel then hurriedly move away from Reign. While Reign is defecating, two mountain climbers/adventurers saw Reign and Abel in the woods and thought why they are there. When Reign is already done defecating, she saw a snake and shouted then suddenly Abel is there helping her to move away from the snake while covering her eyes for Reign not to see Abel. Abel then hurriedly brought Reign back to the "Kubo" and Reign kept shouting for help. Abel tells Reign that even though she kept shouting for help nobody can hear her. With this, how will Reign find a way to escape from Abel? Is Abel going to hurt Reign or will he finally let go of her?
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