Abel Marasigan (Robin Padilla) wants to see Reign Marasigan (Bea Alonzo) again and so he decided to go to where she is working. Abel wants to make friends with Reign without her knowing that she is the man that took her and made her as a victim. Abel pretended to like all the works (painting/sketches) of Reign so that Reign's attention will be with him. Abel failed to have Reign's attention all by himself because Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) is also there. Marcus is still doing his best just to impress Reign and for him to finally know who is the man behind killing Buendia. As for Abel, he is also trying his best to be close to Reign since he believed that Reign can lead him to "Senior" who is also know as Lucio (Mark Gil). On the other hand, Jonnie (Empress Schuck) is doing her best to impress her crush - Jonathan "Onat" Marasigan (Ejay Falcon). Jonnie went to the police station and made some of the police officers appreciate all the things that so she is going to do. Onat thought that Jonnie is just making fun of him and so he is trying to tell Jonnie to stop what she is trying to do. Later that day, Jonnie will not stop till she get Onat's attention and so she went to see Onat's mother - (Liza Lorena). With this, how will Jonnie try to impress Onat this time? Will Jonnie's way of impressing Onat work? And with Abel and Marcus who are competing for Reign's attention, who is going to win Reign's heart, love and attention?
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