Abel (Robin Padilla) went to luneta park to relax himself again and saw a beautiful girl sitting down in a bench - Reign (Bea Alonzo). With Abel's strange stare, Reign thought that Abel is having some bad intentions towards her. Reign then went near to where Abel is sitted and told him not to stare at her because he stared very strange. Abel then hurriedly went away and so Reign was left alone sitting in a bench looking a the beautiful fountain. Reign then have remembered her past in that place where her fiancee - Paolo (Jake Cuenca) is proposing to her. Paolo's proposal to Reign is unforgettable because Paolo prepared some flowers connected to a stick and formed the phrase "Will you marry me?" on the floor near the fountain. With what Paolo promised to Reign - a beautiful life together forever, he failed because he was shot dead on the day of their wedding day by some strange men who tried to holdap the jeepney. As for Abel, he was called by his "Tsong" (uncle) to inform him about what he recently knew. Abel then hurriedly went seeing his uncle to know about the information towards the four men who tried killing his father. Going back with Reign, she then went to the office where she works and her friend is there asking if Reign is okay. Reign then tells her friend that she is perfectly okay even though her fiance - Paolo just died six months ago. Later that day, Reign went home with her mother and brothers who are arguing with each other because Reigns mother is drunk again. Reign is very pissed with them arguing with each other and so she smashed a thing made up of glass that made them stop from arguing. Reign's mother then went outside and Reign followed her around having a little talk about what had happened to them. With this, will Reign finally understand why her mother is acting that way?
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