This is the day that Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo) have been waiting for ever since - her wedding day! Reign's mother is very happy that finally her daughter is going to get married. With so much excitement, Reign was called by her fiance - Paolo (Jake Cuenca) and checked if she is getting ready for their wedding. Reign is very happy that finally she is going to be the official wife of Paolo. When Paolo is talking to Reign, a group of men went down to a jeepney bringing some of their guns and is attacking someone. Paolo tried to help them and suddenly a stranger came riding a motorcycle and shot him. Reign was so shocked to what she have heard - a gunshot and some other's in the background shouting. Paolo died at the very young where he left Reign being still single and unsuccessful being his wife. Six months later, Reign woke up in the morning with her mother who is fighting with another woman because of a man. Reign's mother went inside their house who is very flattered because finally she is having a relationship with the said man - Arnulfo. Reign and her brother then thought that their mother must not have a relationship with another man anymore because she is too old already. Reign's mother then tells them not to bother her life because she is happy with her life. Later that day, Reign went to Luneta park to relax herself from all the sorrows that she had experienced and suddenly she met Abel (Robin Padilla). Kechup Eusebio is Abel's friend who is very supportive to him and is going to do everything that he can just to protect his friend. Abel tells Kechup that he is happy knowing a girl in the luneta park who is Reign. With this, will there still be another chance that Reign and Abel meet again?
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