Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo) failed to escape from the one who kidnapped her who is Abel Marasigan (Robin Padilla). When Reign ran away from Abel, she saw a river and suddenly jumped off where she nearly drowned because she can't swim freely. Reign failed to swim freely because of her hand who is still hand cuffed with a rope. Abel saw Reign who jumped off the river and hurriedly save her out of the water. Abel then did the CPR (cardio - pulmonary resuscitation) to Reign who was nearly drowned in the river. When Reign woke up, she saw Abel who is staring at her and so she asked Abel on why he saved her. Reign thought that Abel should have not save her since Abel is going to kill her after all. Later that day, a big rain poured which lead Abel to make a shelter for him and Reign for them not to get wet. Abel ties up Reign to the shelter he have made and left to look for something. Reign got mad at Abel because he tied up Reign there and left. Hours passed and it is already night time where Abel is very tired that he wants to sleep to rest fo awhile. Abel is having chills and murmured something while he was asleep and Reign got a chance to untie herself and escape. On the other hand, Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) is still on his move to capture the man that killed Buendia. Marcus then went to see the body of Buendia who is in the morgue and tried to remember all the things Buendia taught him. Going back with Reign who got a chance to untie herself, will she finally leave Abel alone there in the forest? Or will Reign go back to Abel and help him out who is having chills?
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