Abel Marasigan (Robin Padilla) and Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) are threatening the man they have found in the forest. Abel tied up the man in a tree and threw the knife to the man in a very far distance asking the man if he is related to Buendia. As for Marcus, he also tied the man he found in a tree and use his gun threathening him to tell who is his master. Both two men answered Abel and Marcus' question in a different place being afraid that they might kill them. Later that night, Abel is now ready to free Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo) to that Reign can finally go back home. Reign wants to see the face behind the mask of the man that did not hurt her at all but then Abel is not ready yet. Reign then tells Abel that seeing his face is not important because she can see the goodness in Abel's heart already. The goodness of the person's heart who did not hurt Reign at all is more important that the face, that is what Reign is believing. While Reign and Abel are talking, the man they tied up found a chance untying himself and finally escape from them. Both Reign and Abel then chased the man they have tied up since they are not done with him yet. On the other hand, Lt. Marasigan (Aj Falcon) was tasked to watch over for some criminals in the street where suddenly a Voswagen ran so fast and hit some village people's stores. Lt. Marasigan and his partner hurriedly went to where the Voswagen hit and found out that the driver is a girl - Tina (Empress Schuck). Lt. Marasigan then brought Tina to the police station to make some report on what happened to her in the incident. At the police station, Tina can't stop staring at Lt. Marasigan because she was love strucked by Lt. Marasigan being so handsome. Going back with Reign and Abel who lost the man they captured, will they still have him back?
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