Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) went to the Santana's house early in the morning to thank Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo). Marcus thanked Reign after what she did to him when he was struggling and he almost killed himself because of depression. Marcus brought Reign's mother - Pat Santana (Isabel Rivas) together with Reign's nephew - Prince Santana (Makisig Morales) and Reign's brother suddenly went outside their house. Marcus then asked Reign's mother - Pat if they are all available to have dinner with him. Without hesitations, Pat accepted Marcus' invitation and told him Reign that it will be nice if they will go to try eating good foods from a good restaurant. Prince hurriedly borrowed his grandmother - Pat's cellular phone for him to call "Kuya Bait" who is Abel Marasigan (Robin Padilla). Prince told Abel that if he is interested with his aunt - Reign, he must do something fast to get her attention because somebody is courting her already. Later that day, Abel wondered if ever Reign have finally forgotten the man who kidnapped her and brought her to the mountains. Abel then brought the teared piece from Reign's shirt used to cover his wounded thigh back at the mountains. Abel went to the Santana's house and left the teared piece of shirt at the Santana's gate where he suddenly pushed the door bell to get Reign's attention. Inside the Santana's house, Pat asked Reign to see who is outside because maybe it is already Marcus who is going to fetch them. When Reign went outside, she saw the teared piece of shirt in their gate and wondered who is the one behind leaving it there. When Marcus arrived at the Santana's house, Reign hurriedly went inside her room and is very confused to who have left the teared piece of her shirt outside. With this, will the dinner of the Santana family with Marcus be successful?
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