Because of guilt, Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo) went back to where she left Abel Marasigan (Robin Padilla). Reign saw Abel who is chilling more badly and thought that maybe this is because of his open wound. Reign then went near to Abel and checked his temperature and found out that Abel is very hot. Since Abel is having chills and is very hot, Reign decided to lie down beside him and hugged him. Reign decided to hug Abel to lower down his temperature and make him feel okay. The sun arises and Abel woke up shocked with Reigns hands hugging him. Abel went to the river to get some fish for them to have something to eat. Reign woke up wondering to where Abel went and thought that maybe Abel is just finding food for them to eat. Later on, both Abel and Reign are starting to eat and Abel asked Reign why she came back for him. Reign then tells Abel that she do not know where to go to finally go back home with her family. Abel then tells Reign that sooner she can go back home safe and with this, Reign hugged Abel being thankful to what she have heard. On the other hand, Reign's mother is still wondering to where she went and she is doing her best just to find her daughter - Reign. Reign's mother is so mad at Reigns brother because he is not doing something to find his sister - Reign. Some of the friends of Reign's brother came telling him that they asked the Barangay's (village people) help already for them to search where Reign is. With this, will they finally find a way to search for Reign? And will Abel finally let go of Reign and bring her back to her family?
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