Abel Marasigan (Robin Padilla) finally know where Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo) lives. Abel was eating in a food house in front of Reign's house and Reign went there to order some food. Abel did not talk to Reign knowing that she might not recognize him as the man that took her. The woman in the food house then asked Reign on who is the police officer that is staring at her who is outside their house. Reign then told the woman in that food house that the police officer is her body guard. Later that day, Reign went to her shop to work and have a normal life with her friend. While Reign is concentrating at her working area, she heard a man's voice and thought of the man that took her. Reign stood up and looked for the voice that she have heard but then it was not the man who took her. On the other hand, Reign's nephew went out to play with some of his friends but they did not want him as their friend. When Reign's nephew left them riding his bicycle, a motorcycle almost hit him and Abel was there saving him. Abel then told Reign's nephew to be careful next time and look out for some other vehicles so that he won't get hurt. Later that day, Abel went to the park and again he saw Reign there but he can not go near because Reign is with her body guard. As for Reign, she went back home and her mother (Isabel Rivas) asked the police officer, who is Reign's body guard, not to go home yet. The police officer told Reign's mother that they must go home also to their family and this will be the last time that they are going to look after Reign's welfare. Reign's mother disagreed and told the police officer to continue looking out after Reign's welfare because she is afraid that someone is going to take Reign again. With this, who is going to look after Reign's safety after being taken by a kidnapper who used to be Abel?
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