Abel Marasigan (Robin Padilla) went back to the house of Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo) to check if their water sink is already okay. Abel saw Reign's nephew who is outside their house and Reign's nephew then called his attention by the name - "Bait" (good). Reign's nephew calls Abel "Bait" because he was the one who saved him from the motorcycle that almost hit him. While Abel and Reign's nephew were talking, Reign saw them and told her nephew not to talk to strangers. Abel then told Reign that he is not a stranger because he is a very good man and Reign then insulted Abel. Reign asked Abel to his real name, profession and civil status where Abel answered all her questions direct to the point. Reign told her nephew not to mingle to anyone whom they do not know that much because anyone can be so tricky sometimes. Reign then grab her nephew letting him inside the house and Abel thought that Reign did not change at all where she is still a nagger. Later on, Reign's nephew went to Reign's room and told her about her bicycle that has been broken in which he wants her aunt - Reign to buy a new one. Reign then told her nephew that she don't have enough money yet to buy a new bicycle but rather she can buy ice cream for him. Reign asked her nephew to get some of her dress so that they can finally sleep and suddenly her nephew saw the blouse that she wore when she was kidnapped. Reign's nephew told Reign that his grandmother - Pat (Isabel Rivas) once told him to throw all the things in the past that can remind about hurtful moments. Reign did not allow her nephew to throw her blouse because that blouse meant something to her. Hence, Reign still did not know that Abel was the man that took her, will she know about Abel's true identity? How will Abel get another chance in going near to Reign?
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