Abel (Robin Padilla) is in his move to find the person who tried to kill his father and the persons who are doing bad things to others. Abel went to his vendor friend and asked her favor to give something to the church because he doesn’t want to get inside. The vendor then tell Abel no to be afraid in getting inside the church because everybody is allowed to enter the kingdom of God. Abel then went to see his father, Pepe,  in the psychiatric ward where Abel’s father is singing the song that he used to sing for his mother in the park. Abel has remembered the time they were all together in the park being happy with each other’s company and no problems at all. At present, Pepe suddenly shouted some names because of his trauma to whatever he had experienced in the past and Abel embraced him. Abel has also remembered the times that his father – Pepe was shot by his co-police officers and was accused of a crime that he did not commit. Pepe survived after being shot three times by his co-police but had a trauma leading him being the man who shot the General and Abel cannot forger the four police officer who shot his father and have accused him of a crime his father did not commit. Abel’s past is very hurtful where his mother has sacrificed a lot just to give all the things they need to survive. In the past, Abel together with his brother, Onat, are very protective with each other because they both know what the truth behind his father is. One day in the past, Able when home seeing his uncle arguing with someone then suddenly he shot the man dead. With this, how will Abel try living life from a very hurtful and cruel past? Will Abel seek for the four police officers that is the reason why his father, Pepe, had a truma?
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