Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo) and the other police officers finally got Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo). Reign asked Marcus to where they will be going first because she wants to go home to her family already. Marcus then tells Reign that they must go to the hospital first for her to be checked because she was being hostaged for a very long time. Reign wants to go home directly because she promised not to leave her mother alone with all the problems that they are going to face. Reign reminisced the time that her real father left to be with his new family where Reign's mother felt so alone and disappointed. In the past when Reigns father left them for good, Reign did her best just to make some money out of her talent in drawing for their financial problems. Reign even accepts project works from her friends in school back then just to have a money for them to pay their debt in a store. In the hospital, Reign was being checked by the Doctors and Reign's mother arrived there being so worried about her. Reign is very happy seeing her mother, brothers and her friend who is there happy to see her. Reign can not forget the man who got her but did not hurt her even a bit - Abel Marasigan (Robin Padilla). Marcus then went to see Reign in her room and informed her that some of the police are outside her room for her own protection. On the other hand, Abel got back home where he noticed that someone is there spying on him. Abel then knew that it was his "uncle" (Ping Medina) and his uncle's men who are spying on him. Later that night, Abel's uncle thought that Senior is related to Buendia but Abel's uncle disagreed. As for Marcus and the other police, they got the man whom they thought has connection with Senior. With this, will Marcus and the other police finally know to who is behind the name - "Senior" already?
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