Reign Santana (Bea Alonzo) was so drunk that she can't even walk straight to go home and so she just sat somewhere outside the bar where she drank. A stranger from that same bar saw her very drunk and went near her. The strange man then wake Reign up and is telling her to go with him because he is Reign's boyfriend. Reign then tells the stranger that her boyfriend is already dead and that currently she don't have a boyfriend. The stranger is trying to convince Reign and so Abel Marasigan (Robin Padilla) went back to the place where he saw Reign and noticed that the stranger is taking advantage on Reign. Abel then tells the sranger to leave Reign and alone before he is going to get something from his pocket. The stranger was scared at Abel and so he hurriedly left Reign alone with Abel. Abel then went near to where Reign sitted and asked to where she lives so that Abel can walk her home. Reign then tells Abel that she don't know to where she currently lived and tells Abel that she wants to urinate. Abel then tells Reign not to pee yet because it is not the right place for her to pee. Reign wants to pee already and so Abel hurriedly carries Reign and saw a motel. Abel and Reign checked in for Reign to use the comfort room there. Abel didn't have anywhere to go and so she brought Reign there for her to finally urinate. The day after, Reign woke up and is surprised on why she is there in a motel. The room boy then asked Reign if the guy she was with last night is her boyfriend but Reign hurriedly denies it. When Reign got back home, she noticed that her nephew is not eating breakfast and wondered to where her mother is. Reign's nephew then revealed an address to where her mother is and Reign hurriedly went there seeing her mother with Arnulfo. Arnulfo who is the boyfriend of Reign's mother is hurting Reigns mother. Reign tried to protect her mother but her mother's boyfriend is also hurting her. Suddenly a man came protecting Reign and her mother and it is Marcus Aguilar (Diether Ocampo). With this, how will Reign thank Marcus from saving them both her mother from Arnulfo who tried hurting them?
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